Petal Support Limited

8 Barrack Street

Hamilton, ML3 0DG

Office Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

01698 324502

PETAL Support carefully select a small number of volunteers. All volunteer counsellors have to be trained to a minimum of a Diploma level.

There are currently NO vacancies for volunteer counsellors at this time.

Our other volunteers fulfil a wide range of roles within the organisation:

    • Provide both practical and emotional support,
    • Support members to form self-support groups,
    • Organise and participating in fundraising activities,
    • Assist with awareness raising.

Recruiting volunteers

We recruit previous clients as volunteers and provide them with a range of training courses; both volunteers and paid sessional workers attend an induction programme.

To get in-touch simply
provide us with some
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Please note: The information you
provide Petal is strictly confidential
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