Petal Support Limited

8 Barrack Street

Hamilton, ML3 0DG

Office Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

01698 324502

Our premises in Hamilton are open from 9.00 am to approx 5.00 pm during week days (4.00pm on Friday).

We utilise the services of sessional counsellors, holistic therapists, and psychotherapeutic therapists (delivering NLP, EFT and EMDR).

We work to meet the needs of our counsellors and clients, by adhering to best practice and professional guidelines of the BACP (British Association for

Counselling & Psychotherapy).

Our therapy programmes are scheduled for up to ten to twelve session period where the counsellor and client discuss progress on a week-to- week basis.  Therapy Sessions are based on ongoing client reviews with the counsellor and PETAL Support Staff. At the end of the programme clients may have the choice to continue with contact through peer support groups (location specific).

In response to the recognised need of our younger members we introduced a children and young persons therapy room.  The d├ęcor and environment is warm, comfortable with audio, visual, sensory equipment, books, toys and games.  The young people respond well and we will continue to develop both the service and the environment around their identified needs.


  • Adults: One to one Counselling: Telephone Counselling: Volunteers and paid sessional counsellors and therapists dedicate time to each person, using positive and therapeutic techniques to help individuals manage and understand the effects of significant change, loss and grief
  • Families: members receive one to one counselling
  • Suicide Prevention (intervention only): PETAL Support does not offer a crisis hepline, the specific intervention provided is when counsellors are concerned with the response and or behaviour of individual clients.  The counsellor use recognised suicide prevention techniques.
  • Hollistic Therapies: supports and enhances progress within the counselling pathway
  • Advocacy: practical advice on a number of aspects: legal process and systems.
  • Mediation: between clients and employers, education, housing, the media, social security and others.
  • Volunteering: recruitment: training: placement: opportunities (when available)

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