Petal Support Limited

8 Barrack Street

Hamilton, ML3 0DG

Office Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

01698 324502

The Support Provision by PETAL centres on  Practical and Emotional Support to assist clients to come to terms with the implications of traumatic events in a number of ways:

  • We encourage clients to leave the security of their home and attend petal to receive a comprehensive range of support services dependant on their individual needs.
  • Clients utilise PETAL as a Centre for Support.
  • Individual Support for Children.
  • One to One Counselling provided by qualified Counsellors.
  • Telephone Support is provided to those families outwith a reasonable travelling distance.
  • Telephone Counselling can also be arranged.
  • Support and advice on the completion of Criminal Injuries Application Forms.
  • Provide advice on dealing with the Media.
  • Liaise with The Procurators Fiscal service on behalf of the Family

Telephone support & counselling is provided to clients that are unable to attend the support centre in Hamilton. We are also working towards providing the full range of PETAL’s support services in other locations. Spreading our expertise by sharing premises with other support organisations will allow PETAL to deliver a variety of social interaction and health related activities to our members.

The initial outreach program is being delivered to two specific areas of high need, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The service will operate over a period of 3 days  and opening times will reflect fluctuations in demand in each location. To keep cost to a minimum we are partnering with other voluntary led organisations in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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