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Following Murder or Culpable Homicide loved ones of the deceased find the anxiety and depression physically and emotionally debilitating. When the depression can include suicidal ideation this can be very dangerous.

It is not unusual for loved ones to report having suicidal ideation and these thoughts are very frightening, especially as in the majority of cases they have never experienced suicidal thoughts previously.

During our assessment and support we attempt to determine any previous history of depression. Males, especially do not readily disclose feelings of anxiety and depression.

We treat all suicide ideation from our members extremely seriously. All suicidal ideation or any threats voiced, even those seemingly made in jest, should be taken seriously and addressed immediately

Suicide Prevention techniques are employed when counsellors are concerned with the response and or behaviour of individual clients.  The support programme extends beyond the usual six week therapy period. There are other organisations providing this type of support.  However we have recognised through our years of experience that it is more effective to maintain the relationship between counsellor and a client which has already been formed and an understanding of need established, rather than refer clients on to a new counsellor at a separate organisation.

The counsellors carry out approved methods of assessment with clients and make referrals to primary care, community psychiatric nursing, social work and or mental health teams when this type of intervention is required.  Our organisation works closely with professional health and social care workers to ensure our assessment process is continuously updated and is appropriate to meet the needs of everyone involved.

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