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8 Barrack Street

Hamilton, ML3 0DG

Office Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

01698 324502

PETAL Support as a charity will assess any new advice, and current measures for public safety for each of our offices. This information will be under constant review for our service provision and keeping people COVID-19 informed.

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PETAL was established in 1994 and is the most recognised, and longest serving Criminal Justice bereavement support organisation in Scotland. This service is specifically for people affected by serious crime (Homicide) bereavement grief/loss, of close family members to homicide/culpable homicide or suicide in Scotland. Our professional service for bereaved people is supported by Scottish Government and other funders. The PETAL service provision is FREE and we provide a safe and confidential environment, where those experiencing bereavement grief and loss, as a direct result of homicide or suicide. This service provision includes children and young people (15-24 years old at this time). As a 'duty of care' to bereaved people self-referring, or being referred by another support agency, PETAL Support will decide if our service meets the immediate needs of the person, and advice will be given if another more suitable service is available (this may be within the NHS for example).


PETAL provides support - irrespective of the time of the event - and aims to provide each new client with the support they need within fourteen days from initial contact (if the referral protocol is achieved).


PETAL is a registered Charity with no affiliation to any religious or political party and is open to all sections of the community.


We offer services in Hamilton Lanarkshire, Central Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee (Please note: Currently PETAL Therapy/Counselling is available by on-line platform or telephone support at this time) 

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How we support you

PETAL Support provides professional counselling/therapies and support services to people who have been affected by serious crime, specifically the loss of a close family member or current partner to homicide/culpable homicide or suicide in Scotland.

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Our Support Groups & Volunteering

PETAL Support appreciates the valuable help that is provided by volunteers, and we currently require more volunteers to assist with the support of our services (please note: with fundraising only at this time). Please contact 01698 324502 for more information.

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How We Help Children & Young People

The support for Children and Young People (15-24 years at this time) is an integral part of the services offered at PETAL Support (this service is bereavement specific, limited by skill-set and duty of care assessed).